What Students / Parents Are Saying

"Teachers in Belleair Elementary said that my daughter needed to be held back a grade level due to her deficiency in English Reading. We booked an airplane ticket for her to go back to her original country for education in her native language. However, after you trained her, She finally achieved a level 3 in FCAT reading, and was successfully promoted to Grade 4 and has been able to continue living with her siblings and parents in the US. - Y.Z, Pinellas County, FL


"We are very happy for your tutoring my daughter (Immokalee Middle)." Z. G., Collier County, FL.


"We spent money to send my daughter to Boys & Girls Clubs but it did not work. Now, your training made her have significant improvement. We want to find a house here for you to live and continuously tutor my daughter." - I. M., Collier County, FL.


"My daughter (Lely High School) got a F in Math before tutoring. Your tutoring worked. She recently scored an A on a school Math test." - C. F., Collier County, FL.


"My son (Golden Gate Middle) started to get Bs and As in school tests after your tutoring. Thank you so much!" - E. V., Collier County, FL.


"My son (Immokalee Middle) had a smile in the rest of the day after he successfully passed the post-test." - R. L., Collier County, FL.

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Davis Chen, Paraprofessional
Director for High School Tutoring
JD Global
North Port,  FL 33938
Cell: 321-262-6631
E-mail: info@JDGlobal.org
Website: http://www.JDGlobal.org


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