If your child attends a Title I school and have received a score of 1 or 2 on the FCAT, then your child is eligible for FREE Tutoring in Math or in English Reading by following the steps:
- Look for the Enrollment Form mailed directly from the school district before the beginning of the school year or came home in your child's backpack during the 1st week of school; You could always go to school to request the Enrollment Form, too.
- Make JD Global your 1st choice on the form.
- Return your SES Enrollment Form (with JD Global written in as your 1st choice) to your child school or the District Office right away!
- Call the District Office to make sure that your form has been received.
- Tell your friends and family who qualify to sign up with JD Global for the best free tutoring using laptop and web-based curriculum while working with a experienced teacher, too!
- If the school district enrolls your child, your JD Global Tutor will contact you to begin!

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Davis Chen, Paraprofessional
Director for High School Tutoring
JD Global
North Port,  FL 33938
Cell: 321-262-6631


Please contact us by completing our contact information form, or by calling +1 321 2626631.

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